Quake Arena Arcade details emerge from QuakeCon

IGN reports that id Software has revealed some details about their upcoming XBLA title Quake Arena Arcade at QuakeCon. One of the most interesting bits of information is that Quake Arena Arcade will actually have a single-player campaign. The original Quake III Arena focused solely on multiplayer, so the announcement of a single-player component is surprising. id isn’t skimping on the multiplayer goods, though. They also revealed that they’ll be adding 12 new maps in addition to 33 classic maps. Unsurprisingly, downloadable content is planned for the title shortly after release, but specifics weren’t made. Other tidbits from id include twelve arcade achievements as well as 720p widescreen presentation for the game. id’s keeping mum on a release date, but expect to get knee-deep into some rocket-jumping fragfests later this year.