Sega wants gamers to vote on the next Genesis XBLA game

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Sega Genesis, a cry for help can be heard from around the globe. Actually, it’s not a cry for help but more of a “have your say in the matter” kind of thing, because no matter what happens, Sega is putting a Genesis classic up on Xbox Live Arcade shelves. All they want you to do is decide which one it’s going to be.

Earthworm Jim, Golden Axe II, Shining Force, Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Toejam & Earl and Wonderboy are all there for you to choose between but only one will make it. If you’re feeling torn between 2 or more of the available titles, don’t sweat. You will be able to vote once a day between August 14th and August 21st. A good way to spare feelings of regret, ain’t it?

So, keep bookmarked because we know you’ll do whatever it takes to get your sweetheart back to life. Check back to that same site on Saturday, August 22nd for the results. Earthworm Jim and Streets of Rage got my votes. Which one — or ones — got yours?