Capcom vs. Nintendo is an “interesting idea”

Okay, breathe. I’m not confirming it, I’m just saying that the producer of Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, Ryota Niitsuma thinks the idea of a Capcom vs. Nintendo game is very interesting. Yeah, don’t get excited just yet, I know its hard. “As you know, we like our Capcom Vs series – we have quite a few: SNK, Marvel, Tatsunoko. An interesting idea would be Capcom Vs Nintendo. Capcom wins!”

The Capcom Vs series has proved incredibly popular over the years, the recent return of Marvel vs Capcom 2 proves this. Nintendo is no stranger to brawlers either, their own Super Smash Bros. series pulls in characters across the company’s many franchises and a few extras. Many had hoped that a few Capcom characters such as Mega Man might sneak their way into Super Smash Bros. Brawl after Sonic’s appearance shocked fans.

Could we eventually see Mario’s fireball vs Ryu’s hadouken? The Vs series has brought many a dream to life so far, let’s hope that it can pull off what would be the biggest game in the series to date.