Vick’s Madden clout hits a slight fumble

Michael Vick, fresh off paying his debt to society, is expected to appear in the latest iteration of Madden barring any unexpected legal developments.

The Vick that players will be getting though, will be downgraded from what he has been in the past; understandably to coincide with his time spent away from the game.

According to Kotaku, Vick’s rating as a quarter back has fallen from 90 in Madden 2008 to 73 in this new edition. In addition, his passing rating has fallen from 78 to between 64 and 69. His awareness rating has also tumbled, from 74 to 65.

Vick’s other ratings have taken a hit as well; regardless, the game still positions him as a contender. Hopefully players who purchase this edition of Madden will give him a shot and attempt to grant some much needed success to him and his team.