Aion goes gold and we need a change of underpants

It’s hard to contain our excitement about Aion and we hate to be part of a potential over hyping of a game, but we can’t help ourselves. Well now we can get even more excited because we know the game is coming on time now that the game as officially gone gold. The anticipated MMORPG is coming to us Sept 22nd in North America and shortly after on the 25th in Europe. If you’re lucky enough to attend either GamesCom or PAX you’ll be treated to a preview of the 1.5 version of the game coming to the Korean version and will be the version the game launches with in North America and Europe.

We have had some brief playtime with Aion over the weekend and we can say that at the very least the game is in fact, gorgeous. We have not been able to experience the deeper mechanics of the game but the basics are very smooth and well polished. Surprisingly the questing has been easy and enjoyable, thank the MMO gods for that! We look forward to getting more time with the game and exploring the high end parts of it but from we’ve played so far the game’s hype is well justified.