Bioware explains Dragon Age: Origins’ new November release

BioWare’s Dragon Age: Origins is the latest triple-A title to be delayed, but unlike the many other big budget releases jumping ship to 2010, it’s only moving from an October to a November release. According to BioWare, the delay has “nothing to do with any technical issues for the game,” the team just wanted an extra fortnight or two to fine tune their latest fantasy role-player.

“We’re just taking a little time to finalize things,” said executive producer Mark Darrah in an interview with IGN. “We’re focusing on making sure that we bring each SKU up to quality.”

For those wondering why the PlayStation 3 version will be releasing after the PC and Xbox 360 versions, Darrah stressed that development was going great, but otherwise didn’t shed much light on the reason for staggering the multi-platform release, saying only “this is just the order we’ve chosen to [release] them in.”