Fable II: GOTY edition spotted, to be announced at GamesCom?

If you’ve so far avoided dipping into Peter Molyneux’s latest vision of Albion, then prepare for your resistance to weaken. According to a report over at Console Monster, “olien stores” – that’s online stores, to you and I – Play.com and ShopTo are listing a Game of the Year version of Fable II, featuring all the title’s downloadable content to date.

Both sites are showing a recommended retail price of £39.99 (about $66.00, but don’t expect that to be the final U.S price). The GOTY edition, complete with Fable II DLC Knothole Island and See the Future included on the disc, is listed for release on Sept. 18.

Console Monster are confidently saying that the game will be officially announced at GamesCom this week, while VG247 are speculating the same. We think it’s safe to assume they’re right. Microsoft, however, are yet to comment.