Rare wants to bring back classic IP with Natal

It’s no secret that Rare is very involved in Project Natal. What we don’t know is in what capacity. Rare design director George Andreas shed some light on their future with Natal and it includes the possibility of bringing back one of Rare’s original IPs. “Natal as well gives us an opportunity to maybe at some point in the future investigate some of those older IPs,” Andreas says. He’s particularly enamored with one unnamed title’s potential. “One in particular actually I think we can do an absolutely phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal version on with Natal. The interface, the way you interact with it – I think it would be an absolutely world-beating product.” But that’s as far as Andreas is willing to divulge, opting to keep the name of the IP to himself. For now.

What’s this title that Andreas is suggesting? A Killer Instinct where epileptic flailings lead to monster combos? Conker’s Bad Fur Day controlled by extremely vulgar gestures by the user? What do you think?