“Unannounced product” revealed by Sony’s GamesCom presentation entry

Rumors of a streamlined PlayStation 3 have been circulating on the interwebs for more than a year now, but they’ve been growing in frequency, intensity, and now possibly credibility as Germany’s GamesCom draws near.

The rumor is that Kazuo Hirai, head of Sony’s console division, will unveil the long-rumored PS3 Slim during the company’s Tuesday evening press conference, a rumor bolstered by their leaked official presentation  entry which we’ve received from an anonymous source, seemingly confirming “Kaz Hirai” will be there to present an “unannounced product” for which “discretion [is] advised.”

Sony’s no stranger to slimming down consoles, with the PSone and PS2 both sporting sleeker waistlines later in their life cycle. And Sony’s also no stranger to leaks, with the similarly skinny PSP Go! revealed on the blogosphere before its official announcement at E3. Add to this the rumor that the 80GB PlayStation 3 will soon occupy a plot next to the 20GB, 40GB and 60GB SKUs in the gaming graveyard, leaving only the 160GB SKU, and it could well be true that Sony’s making room on store shelves for the PS3 Slim. Or maybe they’re just slapping a coat of lilac paint on the PS3 Phat.