GamesCom wields a new Dragon Age: Origins trailer

EA and BioWare certainly love getting the gaming community pumped up for Dragon Age: Origins. Though we have to wait until November for the actual game, we have a new trailer to take a look at straight from GamesCom.

Here we have a little glimpse into the story which will compel the hero to kill bunches of bad guys. Some ancient mages tried to bust open Heaven and turned into the first Dark Spawn. These demons create hordes of monsters for the Gray Wardens (Go humankind!) to vanquish in completely bloody and violent battles spanning numerous beautiful environments. As with almost every role-playing game ever, the fate of the world rests in your hands, so get out there and kill some baddies.

The warning on the beginning of the video lists everything you can think of that would make a game mature, and the video includes a few breasticles mixed in with the piles of brutal combat. So kids, go watch some cartoons while daddy watches some game trailers.