More of The Beatles: Rock Band tracklist revealed

The boys from Liverpool have another update for everyone.

MTV Games and Harmonix have released 19 more of the expected 45 on-disc tracks for The Beatles: Rock Band. This brings the total number of tracks announced to 44, which means we’re still waiting on one itty bitty secret single. Along with the tracks are the venues that the Fab Four played in and that players will get to rock out in.

In addition to the tracklist update, the entire Abbey Road Album will be available when the game hits stores on September 9. And out of the goodness of the developing companies’ hearts, all proceeds from the downloadable track “All You Need Is Love” will go to Doctors Without Borders. And another goodie for all the screaming fans: Pre-ordering The Beatles: Rock Band at select retailers will get you a code to access the Pre-order Club and another special trailer.

The Beatles: Rock Band 19 New Songs Revealed With Featured Venues:
• “Boys” – Cavern Club
• “A Hard Day’s Night” – Ed Sullivan Theater
• “I’m Looking Through You” – Shea Stadium
• “If I Needed Someone” – Shea Stadium
• “Ticket to Ride” – Shea Stadium
• “Drive My Car” – Budokan
• “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” – Abbey Road Dreamscape
• “Getting Better” – Abbey Road Dreamscape
• “Good Morning” – Abbey Road Dreamscape
• “Hello, Goodbye” – Abbey Road Dreamscape
• “Hey Bulldog” – Abbey Road Dreamscape
• “Dear Prudence” – Abbey Road Dreamscape
• “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” – Abbey Road Dreamscape
• “Helter Skelter” – Abbey Road Dreamscape
• “Something” – Abbey Road Dreamscape
• “Come Together” – Abbey Road Dreamscape
• “Don’t Let Me Down” – Rooftop Concert
• “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” – Rooftop Concert
• “I Me Mine” – Rooftop Concert