Persona 3 coming to PSP, getting a sex change?

Hey there, Persona 3. It’s been a while. Still teaching young people to shoot themselves in the head and summon demonic powers, I see. Good, good. It’s nice to see that you’re well. But, um… I heard that lately you’ve been considering some… changes. That’s cool. You know I’ll love you all the same.

A recent Famitsu scan has shown evidence that Persona 3 is making its way to the PSP with some… interesting revisions. What am I talking about? Well, for one, it seems as if the main protagonist is now female. The scan shows an unfamiliar female hero wearing the Gekkoukan High uniform and badge, accompanied by what appears to be a female version of Orpheus, the protagonist’s starting Persona from the original P3. Below, a logo clearly reads, “Persona 3 Portable”. Well, I guess that pretty much proves it.

Aside from what can be inferred through these images, no further info is available yet. Until we know the whole story, let’s all be supportive of our friend, Persona 3 as he… um, she embarks on this important lifestyle change.