Surprise! Insomniac is working on a game

Hear ye! Hear ye! News has come down on high from the developers of Resistance. They are working on a game and it is playable. Be not afraid that you know not of what this game is or what it is about for no man doth know this knowledge and no man shall until Insomniac deem us worthy of their knowledge.

Ahem… excuse me, I got some town crier stuck in my throat. He’s gone now. In a recent Podcast (MP3 link) Insomniac community manager Bryan Intihar started talking about the unannounced game, “We’re not gonna tell you what [Insomniac is] working on,” he said, “but we can say we saw it and it’s really awesome.” Community relations manager James Stevenson backed up Intihar with some glowing praise for the mystery game, saying, “Really good first playable. A lot of fun, a lot of potential and a long way off still.”

Well, thanks for the tease guys. The project is rumored to be occurring at Insomniac’s North California studio, which is currently known to be at work on Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time. The developer could be tossing Resistance up to that studio or maybe we’ll be seeing a brand new IP. I’d enjoy that, especially since Crack in Time is supposed to tie up the Ratchet & Clank series.