The Saboteur trailer brings Irish pride, Flogging Molly helps

“Yeah, it’s St. Patty’s Day, everyone’s Irish tonight” — that statement from The Boondock Saints might hold true for December 8 as well when The Saboteur hits stores. Another one of the buh-zillion trailers released during GamesCom right now is ready to get our Irish side excited.

The video has a color-stripped version of Paris and an Irish man in a burlesque house. Flogging Molly chimes in and the trailer quickly shifts into the protagonist shooting, bombing, running on rooftops, punching Nazis, and all sorts of wonderful things. A fair share of the video looks to be gameplay, and it’s very exciting to know we get to control such mayhem. Whether or not you enjoy the Sin City aesthetic that’s being put on here, the action seems to be oozing from every part of this game.

Now anyone who watches that video and feels the need to fight someone, I’m ready to go, laddie!