Bayonetta is “80 percent complete” according to game’s producer

Of all the delayed ’til 2010 videogames starring sexy, stylish witches with magical hair, Bayonetta is the one we’re looking forward to the most, and not just because we’re giddy at the thought of shotgun stilettos. It’s because developer Platinum Games have concentrated Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya’s sensory assaulting aesthetic into its most potent form to date. From bitch slapping an angel to body slamming a dragon, they’ve taken every aspect of this game to the edge of absurdly awesome and beyond. And they’re not done yet.

“In terms of development, we’re actually about 80 percent there,” producer Yusuke Hashimoto told VG247. “We’ve only made the really basic parts, what makes the game really, really good, what makes the game really, really fun. We’re at the stage to actually polish the game, to balance it out nicely; to make it really nice and tidy.”

Sega isn’t upset by the delay, according to brand manager Antione Malont. “Bayonetta is really, really important to us, and we want it to work very well,” she said. “That’s why we decided to postpone until very early next year.”

Next year can’t come soon enough.