Console EVE Online goes the FPS route

EVE Online is one of those games, love it or hate, that has innovation dripping from it. The concept of this MMO is so much different than all of the competitors out there, and despite being different it’s also successful. It’s no shock then that CCP, the developer for EVE Online, would try to tap the console market with their IP. However, it’s not going to the epic space MMO you’re used to.

Dust 514 is the console version of EVE Online which will be an MMOFPS. Yup, a first-person shooter. Now this is the part where we would write this off as nothing more than a money grabbing scheme but then the awesome part came into play. Dust 514 will take place down on the ground of the planets within the EVE Online universe and will become a major role in EVE Online. EVE and DUST players will interact and occupy the same world and EVE players will even be able to contract DUST players. Check out the footage of DUST 514 here as well as all the information about how the two games will work together, it’s nothing short of awesome.