Fable II to be available in bite-sized chunks, first taste is free

Lionhead Games has found a hole in the Games on Demand armor and decided to use drug dealer tactics to bring in the few stragglers that have not yet experienced the highest selling RPG on the Xbox 360. Using the tried and true tactic of the first taste being free, Xbox 360 subscribers will be able starting September 29th to download the first section of Fable II for free at the low, low price of nothing.

Once completed the section will prompt the player in the same way as any other demo would to either buy the next section or the entire game. All Achievements and co-op functionality work for all sections and at any time the player can upgrade to the real disc, which is probably a lot cheaper by now, and your save files will cross over. On top of all that the available DLC for Fable II, Knothole Island and See the Future, both work with the the downloadable version of the game.

Pricing has only been confirmed for one part, the first section, and it’s free. The other four sections could hypothetically cost anything but if Lionhead asks for anything more then $5 a piece they haven’t seen the used shelf at GameStop in a while. Look for Fable II: Game Episodes when they arrive on the marketplace on September 29th.