Fable III announcement comes with teaser trailer, artwork

It wouldn’t be a proper game industry event without Peter Molyneux there to make a bunch of bold promises about his latest game, and the designer was happy to oblige at GamesCom, presenting the first teaser trailer (above) and concept artwork (here) for Fable III.

Lionhead’s plans for the series’ third outing are as ambitious as ever. Though the minute long teaser is scant on story details, it does reveal the game’s newly broadened scope – Fable III will allow players to add the title of ruler to their heroic or villainous resumes, as it is revealed via voice over that “The kingdom of Albion is changing. The land needs a ruler. King or queen. Cherished leader or ruthless tyrant. Pure or corrupted. That future has not been written. The race for the crown has begun.”

Inspired by real life historical figures – images and quotes from such iconic leaders as Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan and Che Guvera greeted visitors to studio’s website this past week – the developer hopes to explore both the power and the burden of leadership, as your choices on the road to rule “affect not just you, but the whole of your land.” It’s an interesting way to take the franchise, which has largely been definied by personal choice. Sure, Fable and Fable II‘s citizens react to your appearance, your behavior and your deeds both revered and reviled, but any real change was directed inward, not outward. The impact of your actions on the game world itself was negligible. It will be cool to see how Fable III blurs the line between role player and god game, if that’s indeed what Molyneux has in mind.