First PS3 Slim bundle unveiled: It’s a Gundam!

Let’s be honest: Sony did a pretty poor job of keeping their new slim PlayStation 3 under wraps. Ironically enough, one thing they did manage to hide from the discerning eyes of Internet super-sleuths involves a 100-foot tall giant robot.

Come September 3rd, Sony will be offering Japanese gamers the world’s first PS3 Slim bundle, which will include a copy of Namco Bandai’s latest giant mecha action game, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle. The bundle commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise and will be available in Japan only for ¥38,359. The game will also sell separately for ¥8,329, but only those purchasing the bundle will have access to the game’s exclusive content, which includes DLC vouchers for two additional mobile suits, the FA-78-3 Full Armor Gundam and RX-81AS Assault Armor, as well as a download code for a brand-new Mobile Suit Gundam animated film.