Lionhead haven’t forgotten Milo and Kate

The master of the grand statement, Peter Molyneux, has been all over the place at GamesCom today. Fable III announced, Fable II Episodic announced, teaser trailers, pics and talk of revolution – Microsoft’s presser was all about the wares of our favourite baldy Brit.

So, it’s clear Molyneux and his team over at Lionhead have been busy. Too busy for child-worrying sim Milo and Kate? Not a chance. At today’s GamesCom Microsoft presser in Cologne, Molyneux confirmed that Lionhead are indeed still “working hard” at the game. That’s sorted then.

Oh and by the way, the ‘Kate’ of Milo and Kate is Milo’s dog, who didn’t appear in E3 2009’s demo. I missed that first time around. Maybe you did too.