Lost Planet 2 trailer has teamwork, giant monster

I get the feeling Capcom has some sort of giant monster fetish. Between Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, a lot of their games involve destroying huge, frightening monsters. And the upcoming Lost Planet 2 sticks by the formula too.

The video opens with a team of the survivalist-protagonists jumping onto a dock and immediately start kicking ass. It looks like there’s a good mix of gameplay and cutscene going on, with the gameplay showing off some of the neato weapons and equipment, including an RPG, a shield, a grappling hook, and mech-suits. There’s some sweet third-person shooting and it ends with the big kaboom of a cannon hitting an enormous dragon of doom in the chest. And since this trailer is “Episode 2,” we should expect some more of the same goodness as well.

Those of you with Gold accounts can check out the Lost Planet 2 co-op demo on Xbox LIVE right now. Full game should be released sometime this fall.