PS3 Slim could be getting bigger

Alright, so you take your beefy overpriced console, cut out all the fat, and make it a lean, mean, consumer-friendly machine. Now what do you do? Some might say you make it bigger again, just in a different way. At least that’s what the internet is saying today.

According to a recent FCC report, Sony tried to go sneaky sneaky on us by surreptitiously filing a super secret document stating plans for a 250GB model of the PS3 Slim. The guys over at PS3News made this startling discovery by making use of their keen eye for funny business. It appears the report in question was filed under a fake company name with the same address as a Sony office building and the same lawyer that Sony uses for their own…lawyering.

This is just great. After a seemingly endless wait for confirmation of the PS3 Slim’s very existence, now there’s already rumors of a new PS3 Slim model. And I’m still waiting on an Xbox 360 price cut announcement, which apparently Microsoft saw fit to toss aside in favor of an underwhelming presentation by Peter “Empty Promises” Molyneux. In the meantime, my wallet shall remain confused as more rumors continue to surface.