Dementium II screens bring the scary back to the DS

Dementium: The Ward is one of my favorite games on the DS. Not only is it one of the rare FPS games on a system that works perfectly for FPS games, but it’s also the scariest portable game I’ve played. While the game as a whole had some pacing issues, it was otherwise an immensely creepy romp through a haunted mental institution. And dear god the sound design. Most horror console games don’t nail sound as well as Dementium did, and we can all agree that horror thrives on sound design.

But enough gushing over the previous game, let’s see what we have to look forward to. After tackling science fiction in the underrated Moon for the DS, developer Renegade Kid is heading back to Dementium with Dementium II. We just got some new screens for the game that looks even sharper than the original and shows off some shivving action. The return of the creepy-as-hell flashlight gameplay is also promising. Bring on the scary, my DS needs it!