Faliszek talks Valve, fans, Half-Life/Left 4 Dead world-building

With several major projects on the horizon including the highly-anticipated Left 4 Dead 2, it’s nice to see that Valve’s PR department has been exceptionally open lately regarding the company’s inner workings. Jim Rossignol over at Offworld recently had the opportunity to sit down with writer/designer/spokesman Chet Faliszek to discuss his changing role within Valve, the company’s culture, its fans and a few interesting things about the worlds of Left 4 Dead and Half-Life.

In the interview, Faliszek touches on a wide variety of topics, including Left 4 Dead 2, the Steam platform and AI-driven characters in games. In one particularly interesting bit, he mentions the idea of a ‘larger picture’ in regards to the worlds of Left for Dead and Half-Life. Both games involve large-scale events that the player only gets to experience and understand through the eyes of the game’s characters. Because of this, many fans have taken the liberty of connecting these events in a meaningful way in order to get a larger picture of the worlds Valve creates. “It’s funny going and looking at the community threads on these things,” Faliszek says, referring to a post on the Valve community boards where a user attempted to map out the spread of the infection in Left 4 Dead. “There’s a whole bunch of people who have grasped a lot of what is going on, but are missing elements to get the whole picture. That’s been fun to watch.”

For more of Faliszek’s you can read the full interview over at Offworld.