New Mafia II trailer teaches us the subtle art of persuasion

Instead of telling you what I’m sure you already know, specifically that the new Mafia II trailer entitled “Art of Persuasion” is basically just a collection of cliches and Italian-American stereotypes, I have decided to tell you some other neat little tidbits about the trailer above. One thing you may not have noticed is that all of the characters are, in fact, voiced by Ray Liotta. Also in these clips they demonstrate the original, and all but lost, purpose of the baseball bat — an item later integrated into our national pastime after human femurs were rationed during WW2. Finally, a keen observer will realize the plot roughly outlined in this trailer is exactly the same as the Dwayne Johnson vehicle The Rundown. Trade out Sean William Scott for Vito Scalleta, bing-bang-boom, Mafia II.

Really though, if Mafia II interests you at all, in any way, you already know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. The trailer has much talk of honor and respect and taking what you want and everything else that was in Goodfellas 19 years ago. If you have a PC, PS3, or Xbox 360 you too can once again learn what it was like to grow up in the slums and rise to power when Mafia II comes out early next year.