Red Steel 2 walkthrough gives glimmer of hope

We got some time with Red Steel 2 at E3 this year and came away a little nonplussed. The game seemed a bit rudimentary, and the one-to-one controls were cool, but far from polished. It seemed that once again Red Steel might suffer from being the first to adopt a new Wii technology; a nice try, but no cigar kind of thing. From the looks of the video above out of GameCom it appears that Ubisoft heard a few of the complaints and has been working on the combat in the game.

One thing is for sure: this is the best looking Wii game we’ve seen in a while. It looks nice, so hopefully Ubi can get it playing well so it isn’t just an ugly chick with a shiny coat of make-up. They still don’t seem to have received the real message though. Where the hell is the blood? They’re clearly going for a mature rated game, why not put a little blood in there. It doesn’t have to be MadWorld levels, but come on, you’re cutting people down with a sword! It just doesn’t look right without blood. So Ubi, since it appears you are listening, please put some blood in while your finishing off the game.