Square Enix’s Nier talks dirty

“I’ll rip your dick off and feed it to your kids!” This is just one of the many colorful lines uttered in Nier, Square Enix’s upcoming magical hack n’ slash title. The irony is that Nier is trying to save his dying daughter, who is infected with a deadly virus, the cure for which is most definitely not dick on a stick.

Granted, the dirty talk is delivered in the heat of battle by the eponymous hero’s sidekick, Kaine, whose scanty attire is almost as provocative as her language. “Takayuki Kawasaki, producer on Nier, says there are reasons why Kaine speaks and dresses this way, commenting that those reasons are ‘related to the story and the vision’ of the game,” according to Kotaku, who got to see the partially completed title in action at GamesCom.

Even in these early stages, it’s clear that Nier represents a dramatic departure from the “existing Square Enix image,” but whether that’s a good thing remains to be seen. I don’t have a dick, so I’m keeping an open mind.