Ubisoft and EA pleased with Sony price cut

Consumers aren’t the only ones happy that Sony has finally cut the price of their PS3 to $299/€299. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot and EA Games president Frank Gibeau have nothing but praise for Sony’s late, but welcome decision to slash prices on their home console.

“It’s an old line, but it still rings true for us: ‘We make the ammunition for the hardware wars’. So the lowest priced hardware possible is a good thing for us,” says Guillemot. He’s also excited about the PS3’s more svelte design, which makes it a more appealing device for the mass market consumer. “It’s also going to be a smaller machine, and I think this will help Sony and the whole industry – because everybody will react, and so we’ll be able to see it come to the mass market.”

Gibeau is just as enthusiastic about what the price cut means to publishers like EA Games. “Getting into that price point is just going to expand the market for us, especially in Europe…And the price point will be hot,” Gibeau claims in his best Paris Hilton impersonation.

It’s a given that the bigwigs are excited for the price cuts. With its smaller price tag, the PS3 will give consumers a little extra cash in their pocket for games, which Ubisoft and EA Games are more than happy to supply.