Avatar game trailer is like the Avatar movie trailer

The action sequences in the Avatar game trailer mimics the action seen in the movie trailer even down to the flying creature thingy attacking the flying spaceship thingy. Now we’re not saying this is a bad thing per-say, but we’re just pointing out that Avatar game and movie are being very consistent. As far as the game we can say at this point in time that the it’s very colorful and rocking amazing graphics as the trailer and three new screenshots prove.

Now that we sort of understand what the movie is about, we’re wondering how the game will tie in with the movie. Will it be a different part of the story, will you follow different characters, will it be after the fact or will it simply be a videogame version of what we see in the theaters? Either way, we’re interested how this all pans out as movie to videogame transitions generally don’t go well. Maybe this will be the game that changes that as both are being made in tandem.