Don’t forget to finish Dead Space Extraction now, ya hear

With Dead Space, EA found a great new franchise for themselves. One they’re already expanding upon with Dead Space: Extraction and the upcoming movie. But what of the inevitable Dead Space 2?

We’ve heard some mumblings of a sequel and even hints that both Dead Space 2 and 3 are in development simultaneously, but there’s been no official word from within EA on the matter. Well, if you don’t count that one time when then-executive producer Glen Schofield outright confirmed there’s a sequel coming. But, we’ve yet to see a press release announcing the game’s existence and until we do, it’ll be fun to follow how the people at EA handle questions relating to it and the franchise in general.

One such moment worth mentioning happened during a recent preview event for Dead Space: Extraction where producer Richard Briggs indicated that the Wii-bound game could maybe, possibly contain some hints. When asked if Extraction could indicate where the series is headed, Briggs responded by saying, “Let me just say that if you’re going to play Extraction, you should play all the way to the end.”

Not very juicy stuff but enough to make it pretty clear that more limb cutting, planet cracking action is on the way.