Fairytale Fights’ “Kill 1,000 Children Achievement”

I knew that Fairytale Fights, PlayLogic’s hilariously hyper-violent take on Little Red Ridinghood and friends, was going to be dark – its “Dynamic Slicing” mechanic, which allows players to dismember their candy-colored victims with gruesome precision, falling more in line with Brothers Grimm than Mother Goose – but not middle school murder spree dark.

In its current iteration, Fairytale Fights not only allows you to slice and dice your way through frolicking fields of prepubescents, it rewards you when your kill count reaches an even grand with the “Kill 1,000 Children Achievement.”

“After speaking with PlayLogic last week, it sounds like the achievement’s on the chopping block waiting for the axe to fall,” reports UGO, who spoke with the developer before their showing at GamesCom. “But the children and the you killing them parts, those will definitely be served in the final dish.” Mmm, the spice of controversy makes that dish all the tastier!