Midway Europe is now Tradewest, under new managment

All right, try to stay with me on this one. Back in the day there was a well known developer called Tradwest. It made games such as Battletoads and Double Dragon. We’re talking old-school classics here. They got bought by another company who eventually were changed to Midway who used Tradewest as their foot into the door of the gaming industry. This means that in essence Midway has always been Tradewest just under a different name. Now that Midway has gone down the crapper it appears that the new owners of Midway Europe are now going old school and have renamed the company Tradewest. So, Midway Europe is now Tradwest, Midway US is still Midway, but under different ownership.

The new management at Tradewest is in fact the old management at Midway Europe. Spiess Media Holding UG, a company owned by Martin Spiess, Executive Vice President – International of Midway Games Ltd., has purchased the UK and French offices of Midway Games Inc., while F & F Publishing GmbH, a company owned by Uwe Farstenberg, General Manager of Midway Games GmbH, and Hans Meyer, Finance Director of Midway Games GmbH, has purchased the German office of the Midway group. From here on out the company will focus on being a “streamlined, powerful, and independent full-service videogames distribution and publishing business.”

This will probably mean very little for us as gamers, but for those of us old enough, seeing the name Tradewest is a bit of a walk down memory lane.