Aliens vs. Predator will sport 18-way multiplayer, usage of Steam Cloud

Sega has released some information detailing the multiplayer of Aliens vs Predator. Being released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, all platforms will include 18-way multiplayer with features such as mixed and single-species game modes, reports VG247. There will also be a Survival mode which, much like Gears of War 2‘s Horde mode, will place 4 players in a co-op situation against waves of opponents.

The PC version of will also utilize Steam Cloud, a service part of Steam which allows a player’s game settings, such as video settings and mouse sensitivity to be saved and used on any computer without reconfiguration. “If you’re playing on PC, we’re also leveraging Valve Steamworks to provide anti-cheat matchmaking Achievements, and we’re using Steam Cloud as well,” Sega rep Rob Bartholemew said.

AvP lands in February. And don’t forget — if it’s not your species, don’t trust it.