Get your monk on with Diablo III

Remember Diablo III? Of course you do. Even though Blizzard first announced the title exactly two and a half bazillion years ago, every hack ‘n’ slash RPG addict out there is still waiting with baited breath for the end product. The developers are still being frugal with release date information, but they have at least revealed a new playable class, to prevent fans from shrivelling up entirely like a day-old donner kebab.

The fourth playable character will be the monk, following on from the barbarian, witch doctor and wizard. Blizzard announced their choice at BlizzCon 2009 where lead designer Jay Wilson revealed the new character will be melee-based like the barbarian, but also a lot faster and less physically durable. Wilson also said that the monk will be equipped with combo-based attacks, such as his signature Exploding Palm move, which deals two damaging strikes then a final damage-over-time blow. The new class should provide a challenge, especially at the start of the game when he is relatively weak, but will hold his own once levelled-up with some kick-ass moves.

We might actually get the chance to check him out at some point in our lifetime, but if not, at least this news can be passed to our children, and our children’s children, and so on.