Mass Effect’s Achievements updated, new DLC on its way

Ever since that premature tweet back in June, BioWare has kept pretty quiet about the second piece of Mass Effect DLC. Lucky for us, the internet reveals all! Before BioWare could retweet a tweet about not tweeting about Mass Effect DLC yet, brings news of updated Mass Effect Achievements.

Three new Achievements are listed, bumping the total up to 1200 points. BioWare had previously stated that the focus of the new DLC would be a “arena or fight club” and the Achievement descriptions definitely back that up with mention of “combat scenarios” and a “survival mission”. Finally, we can rest easy knowing that this DLC business is actually for real and, on top of that, we have some space-style fisticuffs to look forward to.

Oh yeah, and did I mention the first rule of Mass Effect Fight Club? Do not tweet about Mass Effect Fight Club!