The voice talent is strong in Modern Warfare 2

More names have been dropped as voice actors for Modern Warfare 2 as provided by Robert Bowling’s twitter. Aside from the already known 50 Cent, we have Keith David whose voice many should be familiar with as he did the voiceover work of the Arbiter in Halo 2 and Halo 3 as well as Captain Anderson in Mass Effect. Barry Pepper is also confirmed which if you don’t already know him from his memorable role as the sniper from Saving Private Ryan and many other war films, you should know him as Alex Mercer from Prototype.

Glenn Morshower will do some voice work as well. Though his videogame voice acting only includes 24: The Game so far (as he has a role in the show it is based on), he was also in the movie Black Hawk Down which should give him enough credentials to be in a Modern Warfare game. Kevin McKidd was, if you remember, Jezz Torrent from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. You do remember, right?

Craig Fairbass is also in which is odd because according to GiantBomb, he voiced Gaz in the first Modern Warfare and (spoilers) Zakhaev finished off Gaz, which could possibly mean that players will experience a flashback mission similar to the original Modern Warfare or Infinity Ward is reviving the character for the Special Ops mode. He sounded pretty cool in the Mile High Club.