Sell custom StarCraft II maps over

Back in StarCraft’s heyday (when it was new), I was a much younger person. I was the kind that would load up the map editor, click on “trees” and just make a map that was nothing but stupid tree mazes where troops had to make their way from one end to the other in hopes of finding the lone zerg drone. It was a slab of pure brilliance in my jr. high school mind. Had I been that age when StarCraft II came out, I would then get to entertain the thought of selling my goods through Of course, I’m not a young buck anymore, and the young bucks that do get to entertain this are way less cooler than I ever was, so don’t expect anything of said quality from them.

Blizzard’s Rob Pardo gave a good amount of information on the feature at BlizzCon. The availability of maps will be split into two: one section from the freebies, and one for the not-freebies, with the map’s creators of course getting a share of its profits. The option is meant to really get the community’s creative juices flowing. Financial incentives, it’s been shown, can do that.

The feature, unfortunately, won’t be up and kicking when the game launches, and there were no details on pricing or anything of that sort. Pardo dropped this tidbit to basically give people some time to assemble their mod dream teams and to prepare. What that means is you can expect a lot of Defense of the Ancients clones at the start of things.