7 days around the MMO world (Aug 23)

What a week it has been for MMO fans, epically those of World of Warcraft as BlizzCon came up with guns blazing. We won’t cover the expansion news here as we already covered Cataclysm pretty extensively as the news broke. However we will bring you the other MMO news you might have missed during the internet explosion that Blizzard caused over the past couple days.

Since the NDA has lifted off of Champions Online we can share some of our initial thoughts about the game thus far. The superhero MMO is definitely a better version of City of Heroes. It has been able to achieve this in many facets. Not only is it visually better, but the gameplay is much improved as well. Like a lot of newer MMOs the beginning of the game is balls-out action and this is a trend we love. Nothing sucks more than boring quests at the beginning of an MMO.

One of our biggest complaints about CoH is how slow the combat felt, this is not the case in Champions Online. The combat is much faster and feels more like being a super hero, being able to lift and throw random heavy objects at enemies is pretty awesome.

But unfortunately this isn’t all sunshine and happiness as problems arose in paradise, or should I say Millennium City. The open beta started on Monday and to many fans’ disappointment the patcher experienced difficulty downloading, was crashing and unresponsive. The problem was eventually fixed by the next day but this is the type of thing that leaves a bad taste in players’ mouths. Hopefully these same type of issues don’t persist the the official launch coming up on Sept 1st because bad launches can spell permanent trouble for an MMO.

Earlier this week the trailer for the Aion 1.5 patch was release into the wild. “How can a game have a patch before it’s even released?” is what I bet you’re asking. I’m sure you already knew though that the game has been out in Korea and othe Asian markets for a while now and this is the trailer for the latest content patch coming their way. For us in the EU and US this is the version the game will be launching with. So when you pick up your box at the store, Aion 1.5 will be on the disks which incidentally has gone gold and is currently being manufactured..

I’m not sure how it will effect our gameplay, if at all. To most of us it will be like playing the game for the first time. The changes might throw beta testers off balance as they’re used to playing with the pervious version. With that said we don’t think the changes will effect our launch experience at all. What it does is gives us another reason to watch another awesome Aion video and it raises our antipication level that much more.

How about that other Cryptic game, Star Trek Online? Now we have not read the inside of this issue of PC Gamer yet so we don’t have the actual relevant and important details about the game that I’m sure are with in these covers, but the image does present a question. Since when did Star Fleet start issuing cleavage accentuating uniforms? And since when have Vulcans had such large bosoms? Spock would be proud.

In other MMO news: