Diablo III for consoles – the stuff dreams are made of?

Console gamers probably get bummed out every time we write about Diablo III.  But there’s a chance that the popular PC franchise may be a candidate for release on Xbox 360 and PS3. Geoff Keighley, the face of GameTrailers TV, has tweeted that “[Chief Operating Officer] Paul Sams of Blizzard says they haven’t ruled out Diablo III for consoles – and are currently talking to the first parties.” Those 140 characters or less should be auspicious news for console RPG fans. While no concrete plans for a console version have solidified, Blizzard President Mike Morhaime is keeping an open mind. Quoth Morhaime: “Every game we have the discussion about which platforms make the most sense. As Diablo III takes shape, I think we’ll do an evaluation. I think there is a pretty good argument to be made that that type of game might work very well on consoles.” Here’s to hoping that a Diablo console port crystallizes as a sensible option at Blizzard.