Microsoft on defensive over Red Ring of Death stats

Microsoft have released a statement defending the Xbox 360, after a recent survey discovered that almost 55% of all units sold have failed. Although they still regard the Xbox as a “superior console”, they have admitted that they are “constantly improving” the design.

“Microsoft stands behind the Xbox 360 as a superior entertainment console with one of the best warranties in the industry,” a Microsoft spokesperson said. “We are constantly improving the design, manufacture and performance of the console through extensive testing of potential sources of any problems. Xbox 360 is pleased to maintain the title of ‘most played console’ and the vast majority of Xbox 360 customers have enjoyed a terrific gaming and entertainment experience since their first day, and continue to, day in and day out.”

Game Informer originally polled 5,000 readers in the survey and discovered a 54.2% failure rate for the Xbox, compared to 10.6% for the PS3, and 6.8% for the Wii. Various explanations have been given for the startling difference by industry bigwigs, such as the Xbox’s higher rate of use.