Video of the Week / August 23

With huge setpieces, music that gives you goosebumps and just the right amount of things blowing up, this cinematically-flavored trailer of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is, almost unanimously, this week’s favorite video here at TVGB. And it’s not hard to see why. The well paced slow motion scenes show a lot of what the game has to offer — great visuals, detailed environments, beautiful and seductive women among them– and makes for a trailer that’ll leave an impression.

Sebastian Nordlund: “There’s no denying the sheer scale of epicness in this trailer, which, in itself, is a hard thing to come by when Drake is involved. All things to be expected are present… the landscapes, dawn and sunset, fights, shootings, explosions, escapes and giant leaps of faith. But what sets it apart from all other videos this week is that crème de la crème feeling of a romantic story topping it all with a beautiful musical piece playing in the background that you just don’t get in games anymore.”

Chad George: “While no video this week really caught my eye, Drake’s new quest seems interesting. At first, I was happy to see him freezing to death in an arctic wasteland, thinking that was the best 30 seconds I have ever spent. I was wrong. Through a series of flashbacks and flash forwards – maybe even a flash sideways, not sure about that one – we get to see things blowing up, romantic pauses, more things blowing up, and finally that classic Drake smirk at the end as he clings to a train headed into the sunset. Maybe he’ll hit a telephone pole…”

Aaron Yorke: “It’s clear Naughty Dog was very much into the artistic aspect of making a trailer when putting this together and wasn’t just trying to blow the viewer away with craziness. Not that I don’t like being blown away by craziness, I very much do, but it was just nice to see a trailer that has taken a step back and rethought its approach a bit.”

We also liked:

Jordan Fehr: “This week is a hard vote, and no nothing really stuck out at me. I really liked the Bad Company 2 trailer which had nice action and pretty good sound design (I am also looking forward to that game). However, I think I am gonna to give it to Guild Wars 2 this week. I just felt like NCsoft/ArenaNet was saying to me, “here we are, here is our game, have a look.” Superb art stills abound in the trailer, and I love the motion comic technique in general. They do give us some fly-by footage of many areas of the game they are proud of, as well as some glimpses of the classes and races, and a wee bit of actual game footage. The trailer didn’t manipulate me in that movie trailer way so no there isn’t much to feel, but something about the honesty of it really worked for me. There will be much more to come from Guild Wars 2, and kudos to the art team working on this.”