Assassin’s Creed II not afraid of Modern Warfare 2

There’s this little sequel involving war and night vision goggles called Modern Warfare 2 coming out in November and it’s scaring a lot of publishers into pushing their games back into a crowded 2010. But it looks like at least one publisher is unfazed. Ubisoft is releasing Assassin’s Creed II only nine days after Modern Warfare 2 and they believe that Ezio’s stealth-killing simulation is different enough to stand on its own against the first-person shooter.

Assassin’s Creed II‘s creative director Patrice Desilets told VG247 that the first game’s performance against the original Modern Warfare bodes well for the upcoming holiday season. “The first game we released two weeks after Modern Warfare, and we still sold 9 million copies.” Desilets also felt that the two games catered to different tastes. “People, when they want their first-person shooter fix, they buy Modern Warfare. If you want you a swords, running on rooftops, big open city fix, this is it.”

Ubisoft has a big challenge ahead of them, despite history’s kindness to their franchise, but thankfully they’re willing to take a chance this November assuring gamers another choice this holiday season.