Batman: Arkham Asylum comes out tomorrow, here’s another trailer

There is nothing more to say. With the near-endless parade of videos and gushing reviews, not to mention the inclusion of the Goddamn Batman, Batman: Arkham Asylum is the game to get this week. It’s probably the game to get this month, and if any of the stellar reviews are to be believed, this year.

This trailer, the now-necessary launch trailer, doesn’t give up any new info. Batman is still hanging out, being Batman and doing Batman-ish things. The Joker is still the insane antagonist profiled and showcased in at least half a dozen other trailers. So unless you’re a fan of box-quotes then this trailer is mostly a glob of old news. So I guess the only question is — with the mounds of press and great things said about the game, are you getting it at midnight or waiting until tomorrow morning?