BioShock movie gains 28 Weeks Later director

While we’re all getting stoked for BioShock 2 to come out sometime in 2010, Hollywood has its attention focused on the first journey to Rapture. Universal Studios seems to have settled on a director for the film adaptation of the 2007 hit.

According to Variety, Gore Verbinski, director of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, has changed his job title for BioShock to producer. In doing so, Verbinski has handed over the directorial reins to Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, who helmed the 2007 film 28 Weeks Later. Backing Fresnadillo up on the project will be writer John Logan who’s responsible for the Oscar-winning Gladiator and Star Trek: Nemesis.

A producer with a sea-based blockbuster trilogy under his belt, a director with zombies on his resume, and a writer who can pen epic and sci-fi wonderously; would you kindly make the film version of BioShock amazing?