Mass Effect ‘Pinnacle Station’ DLC finally gets some details

Remember that errant tweet that popped out of BioWare back in June? You know, the one that said new Mass Effect DLC was on its way. No? Well what about the three new Achievements that were uncovered last week, relating to the new DLC. Ring any bells? No? Seriously!?

I don’t know, we put all this effort in and this is how you repay us. Here’s some fresh info for you to promptly forget. You ungrateful shower of turds.

The Swiss Xbox website has revealed some new details on the new DLC for Mass Effect. Titled ‘Pinnacle Station,’ the content plays out in a “remote, top-secret space station” and offers 13 battle scenarios for Bigschlong Sheppard (or whatever you called him) to fight his way through. All-in-all that means a total of “2-3” hours of extra gameplay for our favourite sexy blue alien shag-em-up.

It hasn’t been confirmed by BioWare – indeed officially none of this has – but odds are this is the battle arena/fight club style content they were talking about a while back. If the Swiss Xbox site is to be believed, the DLC will set you back 400 Microsoft Points.

Now it should be said that our French isn’t great and neither is our German. As such we are wholly unqualified in all things Swiss. Instead, this info was unearthed and translated by someone over at the Mass Effect forums and reported by Eurogamer. So if it turns out the new DLC is stupid bloody Halo armour for Sheppard, or Krogan underpants for your avatar, don’t come whinging to us, alright?