Nintendo downloads for the week of Aug. 24

Well Star Wars fans should be slightly happy as we continue into the Wii’s Star Wars month. This week the VC is the beneficiary of Super Empire Strikes Back (800 Wii Points), which came out during the phase when everything on the SNES had the word Super in the title whether it made sense or not. The game should not be judged by that alone though as it is one of the finer old school Star Wars games.

WiiWare is also going a little old school this week as Mr. Driller W (800 Wii Points) lands and brings the return of the classic game from Namco. This version doesn’t do much new, but it updates the classic and gives it a few different twists. Sounds like fun if you miss Mr. Driller, if not then life will go on.

Finally DSiWare gets an actual game, and it doesn’t sound like it totally sucks! This is a good day. Pop+ Solo (500 DSiWare Points) is a puzzle/shooter that has something to do with popping bubbles and chaining them together to get high scores. I don’t know what it is exactly, but it sounds like it could be interesting and we should all download it simply on principle since its the first thing to come out on DSiWare in a long while that even looks remotely interesting.