PS3 hardware sales already up without Slim

The other day we talked about how Sony could expect a dramatic sales increase when the PS3 Slim was introduced in September. But thanks to the price cut down to $299 already in effect for Sony’s 80 GB model, sales are already starting to creep upwards even before the release of the Slim.

According to VGChartz, the week ending August 22nd saw a 12% sales increase after lagging the three weeks prior. Other good news for Sony is the staggering amount of PS3 Slim pre-orders being tallied. Already pre-orders for the Slim are greater than existing PS3 purchases on a day to day basis, and they’re growing at a rate that suggests they could reach 100,000 after just one week in the US.

Early predictions for September suggest Sony moving 600,000 units worldwide thanks to the Slim debut. However, with an Xbox price drop looming, its unclear for how long Sony can use its new low price as an advantage.