Dark Void delay means more features

Capcom’s reasoning behind grounding Dark Void until early next year, to ostensibly avoid the crowded skies of a rapidly clearing fall game release season, could be valid. But I’m much more inclined to believe associate producer Shauna T. Bryant, who offered Kotaku an even better content-related reason for the calendar shuffling, which will allow for the addition of a vital new gameplay feature.

“The main reason we delayed Dark Void was because we really wanted to spend the extra time we needed to re-polish it and add a new feature,” she said, referring the freshly added hover ability. Players will now be able to tap the jump button once to blast off, twice to hover in place, holding down the button to rise ever higher. This will deplete a boost meter, which gradually refills when not in use, simultaneously increasing the strategy and reducing the frustration of navigating and exploring Dark Void‘s vertical terrain.

The game makers have also tweaked the damage detection mechanic so mid-air collisions no longer result in instant death, which Kotaku dubbed “Death By Touching”

“We read that article and printed it out and made a sign that said ‘No more death by touching,” said Bryant. “You do take damage if you hit the wall, but you can survive it.”