LAN solution in the works for StarCraft II & Diablo III

Fans worldwide were shocked at the recent announcement of missing LAN play from StarCraft II because StarCraft is the king of all LAN party games, and no one wants to deal with unneeded ping. Obviously Blizzard’s decision comes out of a need for more DRM, which is accomplished by connecting to to authenticate your game (there can be only one!). But it may be possible for fans and Blizzard to find common ground.

While talking to Shacknews, developer Greg Canessa said they are working on a solution which would connect to once, or maybe a few times periodically, but allow a peer-to-peer connection between players, for high-bandwidth low-ping gaming. Diablo III was confirmed to be using the same method as well. So essentially, they are trying to take the best of both worlds and it may be best to hope it works since the only ones who’ll suffer if it doesn’t are the people who actually give Blizzard their money.