Mad Catz shooting for licensed Modern Warfare 2 accessories

As if the Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 wasn’t enough, Mad Catz has announced their brand new line of licensed Modern Warfare 2 accessories, something Infinity Ward’s community manager Robert Bowling gave a hint of on his Twitter page a while back by saying and then asking, “In a design meeting for a #MW2 controller. Need your advice – Concave or Convex grips for the Analog sticks? Whats your preference and why?”

Mad Catz are expected to be delivering a staggering high number accessories for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC combined. The hardware you could be playing with include a Combat Controller, a Throat Communicator, a Faceplate and Console Skinz for the Xbox 360. For the PlayStation 3, the available accessories will be a Wireless Combat Controller and a Wireless Headset with Bluetooth Technology. Controller Faceplates will be available for both systems. On the other hand, all PC gamers will arguably be getting the fanciest stuff, in the shape of a Combat GamePad, a Sniper Mouse, a Combat Keyboard and Elite Keyboard.

The price tags vary between a low $14.99 (the Controller Faceplates) and a whooping $99.99 (the Elite Keyboard) and everything in between. Shipping dates, you ask? Well, you’d expect all this to be ready to ship by the time the sequel to the best selling game of all time is released. And you’d be right. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is coming November 10th, 2009… and so are all these geeky goodies for it.

Anyone still got the dough for all this?